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We are living in a fascinating time with new innovations, technologies and business models disrupting all industries. Change is coming incredibly fast, relevant information is hidden in an abundance of data and content is not customized to audience specific needs.

While these issues are a general phenomena, we see them particular pressing in the automotive industry. The future of mobility with its separated but interlinked mega trends of Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility and Electrical Drive offers great opportunities for OEMs and suppliers, but also for Tech companies, cities, consultancies, investors and will fundamentally change the way live together. However, it is hard to stay informed about latest developments, to distill the signal in the noise and figure out the key takeaways from news, reports and articles.

Our mission is to be the single source to deliver the trends, news and insights to keep you informed about the future of mobility. Our content is carefully curated to ensure highest relevance and keep you ahead of the curve.

How does this work? We analyse all relevant data sources and publish the most relevant content on our site. In addition, we send out a weekly newsletter with latest news and best insights about the future of mobility.

I2I methodology – 3 bullet summary, 3 bullet insights, 3 bullet stories. We create and curate content by using our I2I methodology to get the highest value out of each article. Our articles summarize the most important aspects of each story in 3 crisp bulletpoints, elaborate on the content with the 3 most relevant insights and share the 3 most fascinating stories to impress.

Who is our audience? We offer in-depth knowledge and exciting stories about the future of mobility trends. Consequently, we aim to target a large audience, but focus our insights on professionals in the mobility, automotive, and tech scene.

Who is behind Insights2Inform? We are a team of mobility solutions, cars, and tech enthusiasts that work for OEMs, suppliers and consultancies.